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Name : Sarahjane, Mary, Emilie, Anna, Cellie, Kevin, Tucker and Elliot
Age: 1.5
D.O.B. : October 31, 2003
Locale : Salt Lake City, Utah
Alias : Friday Ritual
Saturday, December 17th, 2005
7:29 pm

HEY ALL YOU DUDES AND DUDETTES. We are doing something this Thursday whether you all like it or not. As it will probably be the last time I will be able to see any of you guys until the 31st probably, and I am planning on giving you all of your Christmas presents then. I will heartily cry if I can't see any of you.

Um..whatelse. Oh yeah, if any of you would be willing to voulenteer their house..that would be awesome. Cause I love having you over here and all, but I don't want to be here every freaking week, and I'm sure Tucker and Elliot (well, more of he won't be able to) don't want us at their houses either...so that's why I'm asking in advance.

So if you have stuff already going on, that's totally fine, just come late or early and then leave or whatever, but pleeeease, I miss you all terribly. (:

So far I know Elliot has a guitar lesson and Emilie has a drama club meeting--but that would be wicked sweet if it worked out.

So--comment and tell me what you all think.

1 // Yay incest!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
2:39 pm

Yay for my birthday party on saturday.

1 // Yay incest!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
3:44 pm

I had an idea to tell everyone what my be gone days are! SO YAY! Follow up please. July 14 - 19 and July 22 - Aug 8

Yay incest!

Saturday, December 31st, 2005
11:59 pm

Hey all you guys!

I've decided to re-vamp this joint and give it a new look. Now, it's not just for girls, and the boys are welcome too! Everything around here is changing, and I am planning to keep this place alive! So first, here is what this place shall be used for:

1. Announcements -- Meaning, that if we need to announce if we are going out of town, that you can host everyone at your house one weekend, birthdays, have jelly growing between your toes, you name it, you can post it. Unless I deem it unworthy, it will probably be posted.

2. Posting Pictures -- Have any good pictures of past FR's? Want to post them? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER.

3. Homework help -- This is mostly for you Westies...but that's okay.

4. Questions -- These must be of at least minor importance. No spam, please.

Okay, so now that that is covered, we can go to the rules. YES. There are rules. I want this place filled, but not with spam and other animal by-products. This place will be completely MEAT-FREE.

Rule One -- No quizzes or Memes. Those are for your personal journal.

Rule Two -- Don't argue. Do that in person. If something irks you enough to make you want to put it on this journal, don't. Either talk to the person in question nicely, or drop it completely.

Rule Three -- Don't post anything that is not relevant to any of us. As much as I want to hear about how adorable your aunt's cousin's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend's mother's grandpa's grandchild's sister's neice's uncle twiced-removed's goldfish, don't post it here.

Rule Four -- NO CHATSPEAK OR 1337. I'm sorry..it drives me nuts and makes you look like an idiot. Use it only if you are using it mockingly, please. I'm not trying to be a nazi, but it does get rather annoying.

Rule Five -- Have fun! Like you weren't expecting that.

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